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  1. General

    1. The society accepts no responsibility for attendants' personal belongings.
    2. You are not covered by insurance unless you have purchased Clubs&Socs Insurance from the Union.
    3. All injuries during the event must be reported to a committee member/Organiser, regardless of severity.
    4. Make sure you have filled out your emergency contact details overleaf.
    5. Photographs and Videos are taken throughout the LAN and will be used for promotional purposes.

  2. Refunds

    1. Any refund requested before the Thursday before LAN will be granted.
    2. Any refund requested after the Welcome Talk at LAN (10pm Friday) will not be processed.
    3. Any refunds requested between these times will be granted on a case-by-case basis.
    4. Activated tickets cannot be refunded.

  3. Pre-LAN

    1. Transportation
      1. Getting to and from the LAN safely is the attendee's responsibility
      2. Note that at some LAN events there may be a 'LAN Van' service which can take up to two boxes of your equipment to the LAN providing you have contacted the committee in advance.

    2. Equipment
      1. Attendees are expected to bring their own equipment i.e. PCs, gaming consoles
      2. At the LAN you will be provided with 2 power sockets and 1 Ethernet cable (per ticket purchase), so don't bring more than what can be accommodated. Also see 4.2.2
      3. The society bears no responsibility for any damaged, lost or stolen equipment (including equipment transported by committee via 'LAN Van')
      4. Any equipment that causes concern for safety or welfare of members is prohibited

    3. Sign-in
      1. When you first arrive at the LAN you must complete the sign in process

  4. At the LAN

    1. Points of contact
      1. If you have an issue at any time, bring it to the committee's attention. We run the show, we need to know
      2. If you have any concerns or queries find a committee member or an experienced member for assistance

    2. Dont's
      1. Do not engage in any prohibited actions, including but not limited to:
        1. Using the network for any illegal activity
        2. Consumption of alcohol
        3. Vaping indoors
        4. Use or distribution of illegal substances
      2. Do not modify the power or network distribution layout. Only use the power sockets provided
      3. Do not connect a router to the LAN
      4. Do not use any equipment you do not own without permission; this includes but is not limited to: university owned furniture, equipment; society owned equipment; personal belongings.
      5. Do not enter off limits areas or areas not part of the event during the event
      6. Only use authorised entrances and exits to the building, use of fire exits is not permitted unless in the event of a fire
      7. Do not leave open top liquid containers on a desk near electrical equipment
      8. Do not act irresponsibly or anti-socially
      9. Do not smoke near door ways or windows, and please dispose of cigarette ends in ash trays provided by the University

    3. Safety
      1. Please take regular breaks from gaming.
      2. Ensure you stay well hydrated during the LAN.
      3. If you become injured at the LAN you must report to a committee member
      4. If you have a serious allergy or medical condition, please make the committee aware
      5. Familiarise yourself with the emergency exits and ensure they are not obstructed at all times
      6. When you are in the building ensure that you are signed in and when you leave make sure you sign out - we need to know where you are in case of emergency
    4. Data Capture
      1. Network traffic is being captured at the LAN, for use in research within the University:

  5. End of LAN

    1. Clean up
      1. Please leave the LAN in a reasonably tidy state

    2. Going home
      1. If you need help getting home, ask! You'll find that most people are happy to help
      2. Don't drive tired
      3. If you're cycling in the dark, use lights